LEDwerk started in 2016, when a friend of mine decided to throw his own electronic music orientated parties under the name Veldwerk. He bought a generator and a nice PA-set, combined it with his DJ-gear and a cargo bike  he already owned to create this mobile DJ booth. We had a lot of great adventures since then and it inspired to create some awesome lighting to add to his booth. I was in my senior year of electrical engineering so I had all the tools to create a module that synchronises his beats with a lighting pattern digitally.
This module is Arduino based and still evolving as we speak. It uses a MIDI clock to synchronise its light patterns.


In the video below I added some real-time controls like knobs to change colour pallet and pattern and a button for strobe effect. This allows some real time adjusting of the pre-programmed software to match the vibe the DJ wants to create.

Currently I’m doing some tests with addressable LED’s. It looks really nice but it it’s a little harder to create dynamic patterns as there are way more variables.