Escape Room: Western Saloon

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This project involved the design, building and implemention off all the electrical and electronic related items for an escape room in my home town. This project was really exciting as it was the first time that someone officially hired me. I did everything from power management to sound design to lighting effects and I even developed my own custom made puzzles.

The first part was pulling cables for electricity, data-network, and audio for various sockets, camera’s and speakers that needed a place in the room. After that I installed several puzzles, some bought as a whole and some designed by me. I can’t really go into detail because it will be a major spoiler for the people that want to visit the room but I’ll give a sneak peak of one of my custom made puzzles: the piano.

The video below shows a demo of the puzzle. I added some microswitches underneath the piano and connected them to an Arduino nano that’s located inside the piano. The code that I wrote recognises a specific order of keys pressed. When the right melody is played, a relay is switched off and removes the power from a magnet that releases a hatch. Inside the hatch is a doorknob that opens a door to another room.