Chip music definitely  triggered my enthusiasm for electronics. It is a perfect combination of two hobby’s: Music and Electronics. It didn’t took long before I modded my first Gameboy and used it to create tracks with software like LSDJ and Nanoloop. I hoarded and modded every classic Gameboy that I could find and it did not stop with Gameboys only. I double SID-chipped my commodore 64 and I had a NES waiting to get a make-over.

If you don’t know how chipmusic sounds please take a look at the video below. Here I use 2 modded Gameboys both running LSDJ and linked with a standard link cable. The left one is used for the melody while the right one produces the drums. Each Gameboy is connected to a separate channel on the DJ mixer in order to control them separately.

I wanted to include MIDI synchronisation with other instruments like MIDI-controllers of in the demonstration below: a Kaoss Pad. The synchronisation is done using a self-assembled  LSDJMC2 kit.

Here are some pictures of my modded Commodore 64. One day I thought I had enough of chip music and I sold it… I still regret it, the sound was amazing. It is fairly easy to identify the iconic sound of the SID chip in various 8-bit songs. One of my all-time favourite C64 song Cybernoid 2 by Jeroen Tel

I even had two gigs!! The first one was at an open stage organised by the EINDBAAS crew. After the open stage, the real party started. Hell of a night with cTrix, Xyce and Deadbeatblast. The second gig was at a local festival called Strudelfest. I did a set for half an hour.